Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stand Up or Stand Down?

Recently in the news there have been discussions regarding NBA player Josh Howard's comments regarding the National Anthem and the fact that he doesn't celebrate it because he's black. I've participated in conversations on this matter and was told by another participant that they celebrate the anthem as a tribute to the blacks that fought and died in the struggle for rights and to lay the foundation for a better life for the next generation. In my opinion, the anthem embodies the right for a person to stand, sit or hum their favorite tune while the anthem is being played (I myself prefer to remain seated). What I wonder and choose to ask is, by celebrating the anthem which was not written with us in mind are we paying tribute to our heroes or are we slapping them in the face? Should a new anthem be written to incorporate the changes (to whatever degree, some feel change has been limited considering the state many of us are in today) that have come about since the original was penned?

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