Thursday, October 16, 2008

Terror Squad

"And I know, when I go, I'll flow dangerous
Brains'll bust, what you tryin to explain to us?
You got lost, and couldn't go on
Came up short, so here's one to grow on
Elevate off a high IQ
In time, you'll find I'm true
Cause once I start on a piece of art
from sun to moon and light to dark I build the Ark
Now you can float off the rhymes I wrote
I'm sure that we'll hit shore without a boat
You could bring a battleship and still get shipwrecked
Attacked with a torpedo, what did you expect?
Driftin up the creek, without a beat or a paddle
Castaway on a raft and stand fragile
Rescue your crowd, which ain't a hard job
Me and my knowledge put together, I'm a lifeguard
Dealin with actual facts it sold out fat
here and now, but I go so far back
to bring you up to date, so we can elevate
It's no time to wait, or anticipate
Cause I'm never late, I'm gonna motivate
So I can let em brake, and set em straight"

- Eric B. & Rakim

I feel those lyrics are fitting for Obama at this point in his campaign against McCain and especially after last night's debate. Barack has got to be the Rakim of politics.

However, the focus of today's post is this video from where Keith Olberman discusses Sarah Palin's ties to domestic terrorists. Also, read the other posts at which includes a post on October 15 by Frank Naif (link at bottom of this post) which tells of Mr. Palin's ties to an Alaskan secessionist group (AIP which stands for Alaskan Independence Party) which (and I paraphrase Frank Naif here) in order to address the United Nations in an appeal for Alaska's Freedom from the "tyranny" of the United States had allied itself to the Islamic dictatorship in Iran in 1993.

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