Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stop Frontin'

"And yeah, what's the difference with the west and the east
I feel there ain't no difference, so spread the news I spit
And since I got you listening, I guess I'll prove the shit
There's niggas is lacking over there, niggas is lacking over here
Some niggas is dying over here, and niggas is dying over there
- Wise Intelligent

First off, to all Haitians, friends and family of Haitians I want to express my sympathies and will keep you and yours in my prayers.

From the tragedy that struck earlier this week a beautiful thing has come about. People from all over have rushed into some form of action to help the victims of the earthquake. There have seen prayer circles, collection sites for donations set up and some of our armed forces are being deployed to Haiti. Efforts are being made by everyone, young, old, white, black, rich, poor, male, female, military, civilian and any other category that is out there. It is such a beautiful thing.

However, as you engage in assisting relief efforts do not let the magnitude of this tragedy blind you from the other tragedies that occur in your own backyard. We all have experienced or know someone that has experienced their own "earthquakes" in life. Due to the sheer numbers, they all cannot be covered by the six o' clock news with film at eleven. They can however be addressed by us just as we are addressing Haiti and the survivors. The same way we are finding clothes, food, money and time to donate to the Haitian Recovery efforts we can find the same clothes, food, time and money for the homeless person we pass en route to and from work; maybe it's the child that has lost a mother or father that needs our help in recovery; maybe it is an entire community just as it is all of Haiti. Please bring the same vigor that we have shown in response to this terrible event to the rebuilding of our communities.

We as a society have a tendency to go all out at first but when the novelty, for lack of a better word, wears off we return to our regularly scheduled program of a life. Need proof?
1) what happened to the grassroot changes that we were gonna make in our lives and communities, riding the wave of the Obama campaign? "Yes, we can" became "but we didn't"
2) of all the people that flocked down to Jena, LA two years ago, how many can tell you what became of the Jena 6 case?
3)brothers are still killing each other over nonsense just as they were prior to the Million Man March, the Day of Atonement, and the Million Family March.

As I said earlier, I pray for Haiti, the Haitians, their friends and families but I also pray that those participating in the recovery efforts are doing so not because it's the politically correct thing or the cause of the moment but because it's the right thing to do and that they will carry the same spirit and efforts to the recovery of our communities here.

Peace and Blessings in all your endeavors born of a positive thought fueled by positive energy to k.y.m in a positive direction. One!

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