Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the Winner is ...

"So just get your boys and bring the noise and just swing it
And party people in the house, sing it"
- Chubb Rock

Praise and Glory to the Most High. To my black and brown brothers and sisters, we should all be so proud of President Obama and ourselves as well. Also, let's acknowledge that it wasn't just-us, justice..but not just-us, so I wanna give props and much respect to those of a different persuasion that went out and did the right thing (McCain supporters are already protesting that these voters were high off a Spike Lee joint and their votes shouldn't count). Let us rejoice in this moment as it has been a long time coming. Remember those who fought for freedom first (and continously), civil rights second (and continously), let us remember those who succeeded in providing us with the right to vote. Going down the roll call list, every first black councilman and woman, every first black mayor, governor, Shirley Chisholm, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, even Alan Keys and many, many others who were either out front or playing the back. It is time for us to step up and move forward, striking while the iron is hot.
We must also be prepared for the backlash. When the pendulum swings one way it eventually swings in favor of its polar opposite. While it has swung away from the oppression and discrimination that has restricted us before it also swung non-blacks to support and vote for Obama which means that it will visit the area where his non-supporters will express their disgust about the results. We need to be prepared, strong and vigilant. Let us not gloat as if this is the end of our journey as a people or country, but recognize that it is merely the beginning.

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