Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Family!...Salute

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you"
- Eric B. & Rakim

Greetings, it indeed has been a long time. Many of us have been caught up in the MOMENT as well as life itself. Anyway, I missed President Elect Obama's interview on 60 Minutes this past Sunday and was quite disappointed that I did, especially because I believe in him and his ideas, voted for him and had to listen all day to some that didn't vote (but they rocked the T's) talk about it. Thankfully, we have technology such as the internet and 60 Minutes has the interview on their website. I've re-posted the interview here as a courtesy (no telling how long they'll keep it up) in the full version and broken up into segments. Enjoy and share with others. Peace.

60 Minutes, 11.16.08

Obama And The Presidency

The Personal Transition

A Father's Promise

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